Cosmic Souls @ The Fairways – Mansfield (Woodhouse) 3-5-12

Thanks to Pete Shields for our first appearance at one of his Candlelit promotion nights…my first back with Pete since 2008…it was great to see you big man and a lovely night and crowd…bless you all and we hope to see you again soon :-) x

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Souls @ The Fairways – Mansfield (Woodhouse) 3-5-12

  1. A superb wee gig Gaz
    Always fantastic to see you brother and what a brilliant trio you brought for us.
    Paul and Stu were absolutely awesome.
    I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
    Much love bro xx

  2. Hi Pete, it, was a real pleasure to meet you and to play at your “Candlelit” evening. Thanks for the kind comment and encouragement. Hopefully we’ll meet up again, all the very best, Paul.

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