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Gary O’Dea – LIVE Reviews and Quotes from over the years…

Gary O’Dea … veteran singer-songwriter from The Peoples Republic of Tipton …blending together elements of classic chilled out blues, country, funk n’ soul grooves, with the passion / attitude of old school punk / rock n’ roll, to produce a rocking, groovin’ organic mix of rhythms to soothe your soul in these troubled times.

‘these songs are seeded from a soulful blues americana mix and seasoned with a Jamaican spice kick.’ Graham Munn SLAP Magazine p28 May 2016 – a review of the gig at The Ginger Pig – Worcester

‘great stuff…thoroughly engaging singer-songwriter’ Radical Liverpool – Casa Bar

‘Off the radar for far too long, adding extra warmth to his cocktail of  blues, country, soul and rock n’ roll…Slim Chance…Van Morrison…and conjuring Martin Stephenson while referencing The Clash.’  Mike Davies – Brum Beat.

‘In the hot and heaving atmosphere of The Plough, Harborne it was a breath of fresh air to hear Gary O’Dea. Gary had to wait a few seconds for Usain Bolts 200 metres Olympic final to finish before he could start…but Usain didn’t keep Gary hanging about long…only 19:44 seconds to be exact Hussain accompanied a gold medal performance from Gary. Jonathan Harris — Blaze FM  Live review from The Plough, Harborne — Birmingham.
‘a cracking songwriter and singer.’ Martin Stephenson

“like your best mate with added talent.  Janice Long – BBC Radio WM

‘A superb wee gig…brilliant!’  Pete Shields – Candlelit Promotions – Mansfield.

‘inspiring acoustic funky singer – songwriter.’  Birmingham Arts Festival.

‘soulful acoustic grooves and a wicked set of songs.’ Mellowtone Festival – Liverpool

‘great gig in Gateshead at The Sage Theatre – really enjoyed your set, well done.’ Sean Patterson – Echo Productions, Newcastle. 

‘hope you enjoyed your New York visit you’re more than welcome again fella.’  Lach – Antifolk Night @ The Sidewalk Café – Greenwich VillageNew York.  

‘Black Country singer-songwriter Gary O’Dea…a songsmith and purveyor of fine musical fare to all who’ll listen…an artist of considreable class and distinction. ‘ Sean McGhee – R2 / Rock n’ Reel Magazine.  

‘Loved your sets on our stages Gary at both The Ragley Hall Green Futures Festival and at this years Glastonbury Festival. Many thanks.’ Sam Hermitage – Green Futures Promotions.

‘…an organic hot-pot of sound, fabricating some gorgeous grooves with soul, funk, blues and reggae influences, delivering them with the lyrical approach of a singer-songwriter and a hearty dose of punk rock attitude. From quasi-fragile ballads to the laid back grooves Gary O’Dea has a genuine conviction about his music and a passion that emanates from deep within. ‘ Dave McTague – Another Late Night Magazine – Liverpool.    

‘GOJO’ MUSIC are a very unique and hugely satisfying collective. Taking musical influence from across the planet they seamlessly blend together reggae, blues, funk and soul into a soft fulfilling groove. It sounds and almost feels natural, an organic rhythm that reaches out of the melody and connects with an innate beat within your body. It lays you down gently and soothes you into a hypnotic channel. Disgracefully, there isn’t a large commercial audience out there for Gojo Music, but believe me, it really is our loss!’ Mike Cooper – Ryans Gig Guide Feb 2007.

‘… sort of part Tipton Clash – part Trumpton Daintees…good on ya’ morra.’  Graham ‘Shipcote’ Anderson – Jumpin’ N’ Hot Club. Newcastle Dec 2006.

‘An amalgamation of styles – although a stripped down version from the full band, still top stuff from the Tipton troubadour.’Phil Turner – Little Civic, Wolverhampton.

‘… funky roots with an edge that mixes in blues, grooves and folk. Tipton’s finest.’ Graham Radley – World Unlimited

’Bluesy acoustic swamp rock from the heart of Tipton. Frontman Gary O’Dea’s songs meander in a satisfying manner, with an undercurrent of old school punk!’ Andy Coleman – Birmingham Evening Mail 8/7/06.   

‘Sporting a mission statement that describes them as a blend of funk, blues, soul and reggae with the attitude of punk, GOJO MUSIC is the latest project from Tipton based singer-songwriter Gary O’Dea…he  marries angry protest and world weary hope…a brooding folk-funk groove…a bluesy, harp wailing, slow train chugging…gently strummed folk-blues…O’Dea’s delivery does a decent enough job furthering his reputation as the Joe Strummer of Tipton!’ Mike Davis – The Beat. 

Regarding Gary O’Dea’s musical dabbling’s in the past, the songwriting has always been good – but these are really good…in fact they’re bloody excellent!”
Steve Morris Roots-and-Branches Radio Show, WCR 1350 AM/KHZ (Wolverhampton)