GOJO’ MUSIC is the term musician / singer-songwriter Gary O’Dea uses to describe his musical output – it became the name of his publishing and record label in 2006.

Gary’s influences stretch far and wide across many genres of music…blues / country / funk / soul / reggae and a healthy dollop of rock n roll.  He’s never been afraid to blend them all up and serve a musical dish that feeds a healthy musical appetite. Artists such as Ronnie Lane (Small Faces / Faces / Slim Chance) have been a major influence alongside the late great Joe Strummers work with both The Clash and The Mescaleros.

GOJO’ MUSIC describes his musical output. It resembled the term Mojo (this obviously having association / connotations with the history of black music), it also tipped a cap to Joe Strummers attitude of embracing and mixing / blending many styles into one organic groove (i.e. Jo Music). So GOJO’ MUSIC was / is the ‘cooking pot’.

Gary has recorded and worked live with many notables over the years such as the wonderful Martin Stephenson (GOJO’ MUSIC’S debut 4 track EP/CD titled ‘Twenty Years Of Love and Pain…they hurt the same’that was produced by Martin and released on GOJO’ MUSIC’S own label in June 2006 to critical acclaim. June 2007 saw Gary’s previous back catalogue (originally released via the Birmingham based Anew Music label) made available through GOJO’ MUSIC. This included the CD/Album ‘Love Hounds & Fortune Cookies’ and also the CD/EP ‘Sittin’ On Your Fence’ (which features amongst others…Steve Gibbons / PJ Wright and Gary Lammin etc). Again these were all received with excellent reviews at their time of release. Gary’s back catalogue of releases are available via his music page on his Bandcamp site

Gary’s musical journeys has seen him tour around Britain many times over his career  and also recently in Ireland, and in past years two music visits to the USA. Gary has appeared with full band line-ups and scaled down acoustic performances / solo performances. Venues ranging from intimate little clubs to Civic Halls and Festivals including The Civic Hall – Wolverhampton, Glastonbury Festival and Birmingham Arts Festival, The Sage Theatre – Gateshead as part of the SummerTyne Festival, and many more – including the legendary Anti-Folk night at The Sidewalk Cafe – Greenwich Village (East) New York City on a trip out to the USA in June 2008 and California bars and festival dates in 1996.

At the end of 2008 Gary hit the pause button on music…he didn’t know it was to be for the length of time that it was. After a 3 year ‘life’ sabbatical Gary put a ‘toe back in the musical water’ so to speak and in December 2011 played his first gig (solo) in 3 years…it  went well.

Throughout 2012 he gigged both solo and with additional musicians and released Looking Forward By Thinking Back a reworking of some of his back catalogue, this limited edition album acted as a reintroduction / re-launch nationally of Gary and his songs.

2013 saw Gary playing consistently around the country building up an excellent profile of his warm intimate style. 2014 saw this continue…and in November Gary began work on the long awaited new solo album of unrecorded songs entitled FLY. Sept 2015 saw the release of the album to critical acclaim along with a British and Irish tour in 2016. Further live dates carried on through 2017 including Scotland and Wales.

Further dates around England and another series of Ireland dates were completed in 2018 …PLUS Gary has started demoing songs for a planned new album to be released in 2019 with the title of HOME…stay tuned.

Gary O’Dea…

‘a cracking songwriter and singer.’ Martin Stephenson

“like your best mate with added talent.”  Janice Long – BBC Radio WM