Ronnie Lane pilgrimage 21-6-12

The following pics are from a pilgrimage I made on Thursday 21st June 2012 to some of Ronnie’s old stomping grounds around the Shropshire Hills, his farm at Fishpool in Hyssington, and a few of the pubs he frequented and played at with assorted 70s musical luminaries such as Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards as far as local legend and folk lore go – pubs such as The Callow Inn at Bromlow (then known as The Drum and Monkey and a place where in March 1977 a ‘word of mouth’ outside concert took place with Lane’s band Slim Chance and one Eric Clapton that around 3000 people turned up to). The Miners Arms at Priest Weston and The Three Tuns in Bishops Castle which earlier this year saw the re-formed Slim Chance play a gig. On the afternoon of their show they visited the Miners Arms to reminisce with locals of the years they spent around the area. It was wonderful to meet all the people that I did and hear their own tales of those days… I was (as those that know me will appreciate) like a kid in a sweet shop :-)…it was Kushty Rye 🙂 god bless Ronnie Lane.


19 thoughts on “Ronnie Lane pilgrimage 21-6-12

  1. What a time you had! I’m a long-time admirer of Plonk, and v.pleased to recognise you as a fellow traveller.
    On another aside, do you know where a reasonably-priced “Anymore For Anymore”, or a copy of it, can be found? They are priced beyond me. I just love “Don’t You Cry For Me” – maybe my favourite Slim Chance number.
    What a man…
    Take Good Care,
    Best Wishes,

  2. Will look out for a copy for you Chris. I’m doing a gig with Slim Chance in Birmingham on the 25th Oct – see the Live Dates page of the site for details. New album out dedicated to Ronnie’s memory on the 12th of Oct as well…details posted soon.

    Thanks for posting – nice one 🙂

    • Yeah, didn’t know about another tribute album…I have Mac’s “Spiritual Boy”, which is just brilliant. It took a bit of time for his “Itchycoo..” to grow on me, but Mac does say, on the S.Faces DVD, that his version is more the way it was originally envisioned…
      Anyway, the more the better!
      I hope that your gig goes well. I’m looking out for a Slim Chance gig to come near to Leicester/Northampton.
      Best Wishes,

  3. This is great! I stayed in an old gypsy caravan in Wales at Easter and intended to make the very same pilgrimage but snow (!) put an end to the idea. I will try another day! Thanks for the photos.

  4. Hi. Interesting stuff. Do you happen to know the name of the pub as the truck comes round the corner right at the start of the documentary “The Passing Show” ??- the truck looks loike the one you took pictures of above. Maroon and cream…….thx

    • Hi – it is the truck in the Passing Show film – it’s Ronnies old truck. The pub it passes in the film is The Miners and is well worth a visit 🙂

  5. great to see these pics , and glad you’ve seen my film the Passing Show, am currently making a little doc about the reformation of Slim Chance and will probably be doing a bit more filming in Shropshire

    • Hello Rupert – thanks for posting I’m thrilled to hear from you 🙂 the day I spent in Shropshire was a sheer joy – I loved it and met a lot of the locals with some great stories about Ronnie’s times on the farm and around the area. Say hello to the Slim Chance lads, I did a gig with them last year (Oct I think) in Kings Heath, Birmingham – it was great to meet them and a lovely night…they are a wonderful band.All the best with your new project that’ll be great – the Passing Show is a wonderful tribute to Ronnie – well done mate. Take care and have a good weekend.

  6. It seems like a long time but I always think of ronnie every day. I’m old enough to remember the early days of the faces, was a kid and went back through the history, now a small faces daily addict. God bless you boys

    • Hello Gerard…the guy that owns it lives near the pub The Miners…his place is at the bottom of the road that the pubs on. I don’t know where you’re based but if you’re near Shrewsbury I’m doing a gig at a pub called The Wheatsheaf in town on Saturday (11th March).

  7. Hi, Loving the pictures, I’d really like to go myself, massive fan. Is the bus still there? Were the people happy to let you look around? Were there still people connected that were happy to talk (pubs etc)?I feel I must go at some point. The documentary on the BBC was so good & I’d just really like to take a walk in his footsteps. The story’s are so legendary it annoys me how little recognition he gets today, and the Small faces in general. Makes me feel sad to think of how things went for him & Steve for that matter. The end of the doc. where he sings ‘ooh la la’ never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Thanks for the photos.

    • Hello Daniel – the pics where from a few years back mate but it was a wonderful day and the locals where full of stories of Ronnie. Well worth a visit if you get there.

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