4 promo tracks from the new COSMIC SOULS album added to MySpace

Hit the link http://www.myspace.com/garygojomusic cos’ there’s been 4 promo tracks from the forthcoming Gary O’Dea’s COSMIC SOULS album Looking Forward By Thinking Back added to the GOJO’ MUSIC MySpace page. Track 1. My Sweet Rita 2. Distant Friend 3. Sittin’ On Your Fence 4. Way Back Home

MySpace for music / Facebook for ‘old flannel’ – we’re for MySpace cos ‘when words fail music speaks’…and we don’t want to hear about what you’re watching on tv, or what you’re having for your dinner or that you’re looking out the window and its raining etc, etc, that’s ‘chav talk’ and for sofa surfers and sloths…get a life…GET OUR NEW ALBUM Looking Forward By Thinking Back…out at the end of Sept price £10 order a copy now via gaza@gojo-music.co.uk






Form an orderly queue and no pushing at the back please 🙂


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