A sad week…Bob Crow & Tony Benn RIP

What a sad week…Bob Crow and Tony Benn pass away within a few days of each other…so what are you going to do people because we are drowning in capitalist establishment shit?

But there’s more of us than them…so how about waking up?

If you can be arsed about sorting them out…take away their oxygen of power for a start…vote for the None Of The Above Campaign http://notavote.co.uk/

Every time the establishment get a boot in the bollox they re-group and carry on by covering up and tightening down their actions…but they never stop – because they need us apathetic – it allows them to proceed with their actions. I mean christ if I’ve got to tell you all this we really are fucked.

Look at the Miners / Hillsborough / Stephen Lawrence / look at the current Murdoch / Rebecca Brooks / Coulson lies and more lies about phone hacking and the help they get from Blair / Cameron…its disgusting! Look at the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies…it has all been done to give the establishment ‘power’…but it makes us sick and disgusted.

The House of Commons and The House of Lords are a cesspit that needs cleaning out…it’s full of political establishment rats…it’s an arena that those type of scumbag, scheming, lying, corrupt, sycophantic, bastards can operate in…I mean would you harbour the likes of Thatcher and her cabinet, Blair and his and this current lot of arseholes in your house? There is no real alternative to the political parties – there are only minor differences…they all piss in the same pot and kiss the same arseholes to gain power.

It is the top 10% of wealth and multi-national corporations that run this and many other countries…in what they call the democratic free world?!!! You must be joking…when the working class (or underclass as we have become) take it upon themselves to protest…we face a police state…and have done since Thatcher set the mold with the miners…but the media (who they control as well) will show a country like Russia acting the same and report it with political soundbites from the establishment rats condeming it…but they do exactly the same.

So how about testing this democracy we supposedly live in…by casting your vote as a registered None Of The Above which shows that you are exercising your hard won right to vote, but that you cherish your vote so much that you are not prepared to devalue its importance by continually putting in power the likes of the scumbag politicians that have soiled the air of this country.

Its a peaceful protest…and if the vast majority voted NOTA then the democratic system would have to address the fact that what we as The People of these isles have had to put up with as our political / establishment leaders…are – and haven’t been for generations…Fit For Purpose. So lets sack the fuckin lot and start again…there’s more of us than them!

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