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The below is a reply I had from the promoter at the wonderful intimate little Kitchen Garden Cafe venue in Kings Heath – Birmingham.

Hi Gary 
Sorry haven’t replied before now – been a bit busy, but the staff said it was a great show but agree shame about the numbers.
Thanks for the pics and with regard to another show, it would be nice, but numbers need to be much better to make it financially viable for me (25+). The staff costs for the last show were more than the bar profits and that’s ignoring promo costs and heating, lighting etc.
Kitchen Garden Cafe
17 York Road
Kings Heath
B14 7SA

I support Brett’s statement fully. It’s such a shame and totally frustrating that there are still some of us (performers / promoters) who are desperately trying to struggle on with playing and promoting original music. This little venue for me was the best little acoustic venue I’ve played…it was ideal and Brett and his team work very hard to keep the venue open…and I like most independent musicians/songwriters work my nuts off promoting my gigs up. I don’t expect people to come to everyone…but there are some places that really do need to be supported otherwise they will close…and all thats left are tribute bands, covers bands, open mics, and shit dodgy rubbish promoters and pubs/venues!

It was £5 advanced tickets…I played for nearly 2 hours and I’m worth £5…yes I have the front to say that because a pint costs near enough £3 so you’re buying me about a pint and a half…well I’ll buy my own drinks thanks just come along and support the night. Like I say…I don’t expect everyone to make every gig..but I was genuinely let down by a good dozen people that night. To those that did come (and there was some very pleasant surprises regarding who did turn up) well thank you very much for your support and look out for other gigs at the Kitchen Garden Cafe and also my own…although at this moment in time it’s a bit bleak on my landscape.

Yours Sincerely

Gary O’Dea 

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