Busking for spare coppers…

Great laugh this afternoon busking in Brum…as cold as it was…when you busk in Brum for ‘spare coppers’ you get the real thing lol…:-) class.

1 thought on “Busking for spare coppers…

  1. I was that copper.
    Great fun and your CD is fab.
    I’ve sent you an email asking if you will look on You Tube for my channel to look at my homeless awareness song “Pleasure” and do a version. All chords are there and lyrics. It’s all about getting publicity for my socks and Chocs for the homeless I do every Christnas.
    In fact any musos are welcome to do a cover and link back to me on You Tube. Channel is DLCIanN.
    Thanks again Gary and next time you are busking let me know and I will come for a duet.

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