Clash Against The Right Launch…16/10/21

London Called and hundreds answered what was a brilliant weekend at The Maxilla Club, under The Westway…just off Ladbroke Grove, right in the heart of Clash Land.

Well done to all who came it was a gathering of ‘the good souls’ from across the lands.

Friday night meeting up with Clash fans from Scotland and Ireland in The Elgin – Joe’s favourite pub on Ladbroke Grove was a blast. 👍😊 🍺🎶

Then Saturday the gig at The Maxilla under The Westway and the shadow of Grenfell Tower was a poignant reminder of the society we live in.

Thanks for the invite to play, well done to all who took part and the organisers…and the hundreds of Clash City Rockers young and old who turned out… it was very special 👍🎶💚


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