C’mon The Toon

The mighty Tipton Town FC reach the Midland Alliance League Cup Final on Monday May 7th – 7.30pm kick off at Bescot Stadium – the home of Walsall FC. Their opponents are Loughborough University FC (managed by one time Spurs striker John Duncan).

It’s a fantastic achievement for the club to get in the final this season after all the trauma and upset with the Bill Williams controversy that damaged the club so much. To all the staff and players who have pulled together and worked wonders – A MASSIVE  CONGRATULATIONS and PAT ON THE BACK.

It’s a year on since that whole shocking and upsetting event hit the press, dragging the good name of the club down with it. The club has rejuvenated itself with some sterling work both on and off the field. To everyone at the club…a fantastic achievement so far…nothing won yet…except the clubs good name as been won back. The shit that it got smothered in last season as been scraped off and everyone associated with the club has performed wonders. Well done EVERYONE :-)… Proud of you all.

C’mon The Toon 🙂

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