FLY High in 2016

2015 for me has been a long year in certain aspects but it’s all developed and is now ending on a very postive note. All the hard work on the album and the seeds that have been planted have begun to flower…slowly but surely…and this approach I’ll carry on with throughout 2016. Thanks to everyone (especially Eddy Morton) who worked on it with me, thanks to all those people that have supported me, all the radio stations and presenters and the reviewers who have been very complimentary about the album…and lastly but most importantly…THANK YOU to all those people that have bought it and all those people that have supported my live appearances. FLY HIGH good people 🙂 X I hope to see you more and more throughtout 2016…ONE LOVE…FLY FOREVER


 Born Bred Believes @ Katie Fitzgeralds 9-4-15 (b & w crop)

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