Gary O’Dea & The Spirit of 45

Tuesday 18th November @ The Lighthouse Media Centre Wolverhampton…Black Country Echoes presents
6pm Gary O’Dea – live solo acoustic in the bar followed by a special screening of Ken Loach’s The Spirit of 45 one of the most inspiring and important documentary films ever made. The film includes interviews with people on how the spirit of unity which buoyed Britain during the war years, carried through to create a version of a fairer and more united society in the immediate years after the war ended.
Gary comments ‘I saw it on it’s release at the Lighthouse in April 2013…it was just as Thatcher had died ironically… it was like a chat with my old grandad bless him. When I came out the cinema a guy said “bit of a socialist dream”…I replied “well you’ve now woke up and back in a capitalist nightmare”!
I so want this nation to please wake up and rebuild a Socialist LEFT, built on the principles and values of what Ken Loach highlights in this film…we need to (pardon the pun) look forward by thinking back and we need to protect it from all and any that seek to infiltrate it and damage it, a healthy honest pragmatic and strong one for the common man / woman…there’s more of us than any other’s. I’m thrilled to be taking part in this evenings events. Wake Up…the witch is dead…we now have to take on her ‘bastard son’s and daughters’!

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