Ken Loach – Spirit of 45

Just back from seeing the excellent Ken Loach documentary film The Spirit of 45  – it was like a chat with my old grandad bless him x GO AND SEE IT it’ll help get you through the next week of Tory shit.

When I came out the cinema a guy said “bit of a socialist dream”…I replied “well you’ve now woke up and back in a capitalist nightmare”!

Will this nation fuckin please wake up! We need to rebuild a Socialist LEFT built on the principles and values of what Ken Loach highlights in this film…we need to look forward by thinking back (that would make a good title for an album 🙂 and we need to protect it from all and any that seek to infiltrate it and damage it, a healthy honest pragmatic and strong  one for the common man / woman…there’s more of us than any other’s.

Wake Up…the witch is dead…we now have to take on her ‘bastard son’s and daughters”!

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