Many thanks to all that came along and made a good day a great day :-)

Many thanks to all the ‘Cosmic Souls’ that gave us some great support yesterday. The day started poor due to Artsfests ridiculous ‘busking spot’ in Chamberlain Sq and ‘health & safety’ gone mad. We attempted to do our spot…but only played one song and packed up and left to go busking in our own right on the canal in Gas St…an inspired decision. A lovely half hours busking on the canal basin and £18 in the hat to get the beers in :-)…and got us right back in the mood for our live radio session.

The radio broadcast from the Tap & Spile was a blast – a right laugh :-). Thanks to everyone that came along and made that such a success…and a special thank you to Jonathan Harris from BLAZEFM  for his support of us. The recorded show is scheduled to go out on the net on Tuesday evening…we will let you all know as soon as it’s available.
And finally Artsfest redeemed themselves with the chilled out spot they offered us at Waterstones Bookstore in New St @ 5pm…it went lovely and once again thanks to those of you that ventured down to here to give us your support.
It was 3 different types of gig…and each one was a great success – but that only happens when you have a great crowd to play to…and we did…BIG UP TO YOU ALL 🙂
We’ll be posting some pics from the day on here soon.
Thanks again.
Gary Ian & Paul

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