It was Christmas Eve Babe…Merry Christmas to you X

This is even more poignant this year with the very sad and sudden death of Frank Murray The Pogues manager just a couple of days ago…Frank suggested Shane and the band come up with a classic Christmas song after his suggestion to them of covering The Bands ‘Christmas Must Be Tonight’…was declined…Frank challenged Shane to write a better Christmas song…so he did…God Bless Frank Murray and thanks for looking after some great bands such as Thin Lizzy, The Specials…and The Pogues. This is a wonderful example of the craft of songwriting, poetic, with a real message…this ain’t Christmas nativity it’s Christmas reality for many and goes back generations…Have a good Christmas…cos it’s Christmas Eve babe in the drunk tank… RIP Frank Murray x Frank Murray - The Pogues





Merry Christmas to you all and thank you all for the support this year 


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