Nice one Jodie :-) x

Have a listen to the little live show I did as a guest on Jodie Schofield‘SHEBEAT’ Show on Brum Radio last Wednesday night. The studio was infested with gremlins owing to the building work disturbing their nest there, but in between me, Jodie and engineer Paul fighting them off as they tried to cause havoc by unplugging things that should be plugged in, and plugging things in that shouldn’t be plugged in, and breaking mics and Jodie hitting them with her handbag and me and Paul hitting them with ours…oh and some Fairy’s arrive as well sprinkling ‘Fairy Dust’ 🙂 didn’t we have a good time chatting and playing some music…it’s Live Radio…anything can happen in Digbeth lol 🙂 …the following get a mention.. Rick Lambe Desmond Ecka Paul Butler Garry Oliver Cecil Patton (Sean PattonRon Patton) Songwriters Cafe Paul Murphy Darren Cole James Binning John Jenkins Chris Currie Dave David McTague News From Nowhere John O’Donnell Alana Lane Katy Lane Tony Horan (Rosemarie StuartBen Smith

 Jodie Scofield - SHEBEAT

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