Not so much ‘Black Friday’ as a ‘Green Sunday’ :-)

Gary O’Dea downloads and cds available for Christmas …bargains…not so much ‘black Friday’ more a ‘green Sunday’ 

Love Hounds & Fortune Cookies cd cover‘Love Hounds n Fortune Cookies’ songs from Gary’s days with The Love Hounds (1986-90) and The Fortune Cookies (1995) are combined on this cd/album – download now



Sittin' On Your Fence - EP 2000‘Sittin’ On Your Fence’ (2000) features guest appearances from such luminaries as Steve Gibbons, PJ Wright and Gary Lammin – download now




Twenty Years of Love & Pain‘Twenty Years Of Love & Pain’ (2006)(produced by Martin Stephenson) download now



Looking Forward By Thinking Back‘Looking Forward By Thinking Back’ dedicated to the memory of Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott, Joe Strummer and Levon Helm. download now …*CD COPY’s ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AS WELL – £5 plus £2 post and packing contact for details.*

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