Ronnie Lane…Anymore For Anymore?…Oh Yes Please

Had a glorious day 🙂 …magical to meet Kate and Lana Lane…wonderful stories about their lives and times with Ronnie Lane …all credit to Kate and Lana for surviving the craziness and cherishing the loveliness of being Ronnies family. Two wonderful ladies and well done Johnty O’Donnell from BBC Shropshire for researching and producing the show on Ronnie (scheduled for 7th Feb broadcast) …thanks for asking me to take part and contribute Johnty…I’ve been like a kid in a sweetshop today mate – wonderful day, and great interviews and stories about a magical musical time. God Bless Ronnie Lane…Kuschty Rye :-)…here’s some pics…

Me and Johnty in The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle Johnty O'Donnell and me in Three Tuns




Me, Lana Lane, Johnty and Kate Lane   Me, Lana Lane, Johnty O'Donnell and Kate Lane at The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle 24-1-16





Johnty interviewing Kate Johnty interviewing Kate Lane in The Castle Hotel @ Bishop's Castle 24-1-16




Johnty & Kate Johnty & Kate Lane @ The Three Tuns - Bishops Castle




Me and Lana raise a glass to Ronnies memory 🙂                  Me and Lana Lane - Three Tuns, Bishops Castle




Me having One For The Road 🙂 …  Me in Three Tuns





God Bless Ronnie Lane  Ronnie Lane


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