Scotland… vote YES…the rest of us vote NOTA

I hope to god that Scotland gets its independence from the cesspit that is Westminster and this scum ‘Establishment’ we all suffer. If they do, then the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland need to demand and get behind the campaign for None Of The Above to be added to ballot sheets so that when we vote – if we are not satisfied with the selection of crap in front of us – our democratic votes can still be counted as having ‘no faith’ in the cesspit of snakes and rats that lurk in all parties across Westminster. It will eradicate the pathetic situation we have were because people are so disgusted with the political parties that over half the population do not vote…but then like now – some party or parties with only around 20% of the vote can claim 100% governing power and seek about destroying our social fabric.

It is not my ‘patriotic duty’ to vote for 4 shades of the same pile of shit! Conservatives, Labour, Liberal, UKrap…they are a disgrace!

Vote YES in Scotland and free yourselves…and the rest of us WAKE THE FUCK UP! Join None Of The Above

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