SCUM and the stain they left on society

Absolute admiration to the families of the Hillsborough deceased. Ordinary people standing tall against a pile of 23 years of shit and lies and a diabolical cover up by South Yorkshire Police, a scum media based in Rupert Murdochs Media Empire and headed by The Suns Editor Kelvin Mackenzie (an arsehole of the biggest kind) and all wrapped up in the gory colours of Thatchers reign and political legacy…which shamefully successful governments   – including Labour – did nothing to about.


These bastards went to war against the working class of this country – especially against those of us of a socialist persuasion politically. From Hillsborough to the Miners to the Poll Tax they targeted a section of society they looked on as subversive and then went about dividing and conquering…and lets face it …they won…cos we are fucked…and have been ever since. Their dogma was an ‘I’m alright jack fuck you’ and a greed and power ideology.

The fields and fruits and labours of this country got ripped up and a new breed got planted instead…and we are now getting the full taste of this rotten crop. We now have a society that over the years has continually seen greed / corruption / awful politics and blatant disregard for law / justice by a few of the ‘captains of industry / bankers etc- go totally unpunished – aided and abetted by the overall dumbing down of the working class via piss poor tv / media / press and mind numbingly sad ‘celebrity’ status chasing talentless fuck wits.

For fucks sake wake up – there’s more of us than these bastards…stand up and make a change. Don’t vote for a start because who is there to vote for? What is there to vote for…the political system is full of shit and we only have a choice of what pile of shit shall we vote into power this time…well get real…because whoever get’s in just goes cap in hand to the real ‘controllers’ and gets their orders from them…well fuck it…it stinks and we’ve all chocked on it now.

The shameful corruption of of the evidence behind the Hillsborough disaster by the South Yorkshire Police, aided by the media and the political reign at the time  …set the tone and practices that leads us to were we are today…morally fucked up, socially fucked up and led / ruled by Trash.


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