Shrewsbury…a MASSIVE thank you :-) X

I’ve been involved in music since the age of 17 really…and on a personal level I’d sum up what I’ve achieved as ‘lots of little things that mattered to me instead of bigger things that didn’t’. Well last night, at a little gig in Shrewsbury was the ‘best little thing that’s ever happened’. Anyone that’s knows me and my music, friends, musicians that have played with me etc, knows how much the songs of Ronnie Lane mean to me, how they have and still do inspire me to write. To play in The Wheatsheaf to a packed pub that included members of Ronnies family from his time living in Shropshire was absolutely magical for me. To John O’Donnell thank you so much for contacting me last year to take part in your History of Pop show on BBC RADIO SHROPSHIRE that you put together so brilliantly on Ronnie. From that I got to meet Ronnie’s wonderful ex wife Katy Lane and lovely step daughter Alana Lane – (we got sprinkled with Fishpool Farm magic dust John)  and just over a year later, to last night play a gig that you all came to with friends and also my own wife and family there was a really special thing. Last night, Just For A Moment, with Tin & Tambourine, the world was Ooh La La 🙂 X …and to James the gaffer of the pub… THANK YOU it was a very special night … God Bless Ronnie ‘Plonk’ Lane 🙂

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