Thank you

Thank you to those that turned up at The Prince Albert gig in Wolves last night despite the awful weather, it was a great crowd. Thank you to those that have supported me throughout this year via attending gigs and buying cds / downloads etc. It’s been a tough year – it’s tougher than I ever known it in music because places are closing down and it’s hard to get gigs and gigs that pay especially. You more than likely have to do a ticket deal and then the only way you earn anything is getting people through the door, but even when you are able to get a fee you still have to promote and push the gig to get people along so that you have a chance of another gig. I work my socks off promoting what I do and so I really appreciate your support – it makes all the work and effort worthwhile.

In saying that I am going to just post things on the web site / Facebook page and Twitter in future because it’s all too time consuming e-mailing and texting and the overall return on numbers attending the gigs and purchasing cds/downloads in relation to the amount of people on the mailing list is not really worth the time and effort. So the information is ‘on here / out there’ etc, for those that want it in future.

Thanks again for your support, there’s a bit of a break now gigs wise until Feb 2013. I wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year

One Love


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