Thanks for the support…

Thanks to all that turned up at The Wellington for the last Songwriters Session of 2019. Special mention and thanks and appreciation to… Debbie O’Dea 💚💚 Paul Butler and Richard Cullis (who travels all the way from Worcester to support these gigs and has done since the start of them two and a half years ago), to Brian Williams who has also been a regular this year, to Lisa Pountney and Paul for coming today and have also supported me this year, to ‘Brian The Cheese Man’ from The Welly who has also been a regular to nearly all the sessions I’ve put on…the others for making it as well today, sorry don’t know all your names (including The Daintees fan who’s seen me a few times over the years with them) some new faces as well – thank you for your support and last but not least to the songwriters that have played them. Thanks again – there’ll be the odd occasional ones next year…I would also like to thank Jess Silk Jodie Schofield and Paul Beadle who have not only played sessions but also turned up as punters on other sessions to support the gig. THANK YOU ALL 👍🎶

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