This is the BBC

Lets face it – we’re hardly surprised are we with the BBCs paltry decision to play 5 seconds of Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead – on it reaching the number 1 spot in the peoples response and protest to this woeful governments decision to award Thatcher a state funeral at the cost of £8 million pound to the taxpayer! The BBC hadn’t got the balls to sort Saville out so they’re hardly gonna stand up against Thatcher and her cronies… its just a diabolical affair from top to bottom.

One thing that’s happening is that the younger generation are getting a taste of just how undemocratic this country can really be. Thatcher ignored all opposition against her, but in the end her own lot stabbed her in the back. The same happened with the pathetic Tony Blair and his total ignorance of the millions who protested against his phoney war and ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ – he is a war criminal. Brown sucked up to Thatcher as well – inviting her to tea for gods sake…so look out CaMORON your time will come and your pathetic cronies. The cess pit of politics and the stench from it chokes the atmosphere and the standard of operator in it and what it attracts to it are nothing short of shameful sychophantic spineless parasites..and so are the BBC controllers.

Protest and protest and protest again! I’m so proud that The Enemy Within is still around WEAR RED ON WED

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, #WearRedOnWednesday Reject Thatcher’s legacy.

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