Wear Red On Wednesday 17th April

Wear Red On Wed in a mounting by the minute peaceful protest against this absolute diabolical move by Tory Trash HQ to make this a Party Political white wash (or should that be blue rinse) of a fiasco of a funeral for that hateful old cow Thatcher at a disgusting cost of around £10 million to the tax payer of this country, please join this campaign to Wear Red On Wed  https://www.facebook.com/WearRedOnThe17thApril    Twitter via @WearRedOnWed

It’s a total insult to over half the country who are totally apposed to this fuckin circus that is costing us £10 million! We bail the fuckin Yuppie Bankers out with millions while any ordinary member of the public can hardly get a few grand for a business loan to help them ‘try’ and carry on working. We pay for every thing the city fucks up AND THEN THIS ROTTEN TO THE CORE OLD SCHOOL TIE of an ESTABLISHMENT RUB OUR NOSES IN IT WITH THIS SHIT!

Tory’s say it’s the norm (LIARS) for the state to contribute to a PMs funeral…really? On this scale? This is only the second one since Churchill…and he did for the war period at least earn the country’s gratitude (even though he was a shit prior to this)…and Clement Attlee never had anything on this scale and he was Churchill’s no 2 in the War Cabinet and a solid commendable socialist Labour Party politician and leader who absolutely blew Churchill away in the 1945 General Election to become Prime Minister.

Attlee’s government steered Great Britain into arguably its greatest creations regarding the social betterment of this country for all – The NHS and the Welfare State and helped the country make strides via the unity that carried Britain through the war years allied to the bitter memories of the inter-war years that led to a vision of a better society. CLEM ATTLEE http://www.thespiritof45.com/About-The-Film/Images got nothing at all on this scale in recognition to his achievements…its DISGUSTING! https://twitter.com/FirstReader1/status/323123418738335746/photo/1/large?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=gojomusic1&utm_content=323406541627731968

THIS OLD HATEFUL COW who divided this country like no one else and nothing else politically before and since (even though CaMORON is having a good go)  and ALL THE SYCOPHANTIC CREEPING SNIVELING TORY WRETCHES (oh and don’t forget it was them that stabbed Thatcher in the back) now award her and themselves THIS DIABOLICAL CIRCUS of a STATE FUNERAL which is what it is in ALL BUT WORDS!

In  2012 the Olympics/opening ceremony/TeamGB united this country like never before in my lifetime…but I lived through the Thatcher years and experienced a division never before seen and experienced…and she’s doing the same in death thanks to these Tory bastards we have in now.

Thank god for Glenda Jackson this week because Ed Milliband / New Labour have been a bloody disgrace in sucking up to this Thatcher/CaMORON debacle and not acknowledging the outrage in response to the opposition from the general public. If you’re gonna sip soup with the devil Ed, take your own spoon at least! There should have been total condemnation from the opposition, all we heard was Micheal Meacher, Diane Abbott, David Winnick (Walsall North) stand up and speak out and of course Glenda – The Lion Lady (I made that up 🙂 Jackson – she was spot and spoke out a treat  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/glenda-jackson-on-the-death-of-margaret-thatcher-i-had-to-speak-out-to-stop-history-being-rewritten-8569392.html well done that lady http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2013/apr/11/glenda-jackson-margaret-thatcher-video

Thatcher – For the decimation of our manufacturing industries, communities and social values and her abhorrent ideologies – I hold her accountable. For the ‘Greed Breed’ to take over this country and its social fabric – I hold her accountable. For the disgusting collaboration with Murdoch / South Yorks Police over Hillsborough and the distorted reporting of the Miners Strike – I hold her accountable. For breeding an ‘I’m alright Jack fuck you’ ideology I hold her accountable. For the demise in moral / social standards and the fabric of this sick island – I hold her accountable.

Thatcher’s ideology was to say ‘There’s no such thing as Society…just the individual’ …don’t we just know the results of that? (The Bermondsey Joyriders – Society http://t.co/mWOpf8nR8Y )

She was lucky to win 3 elections. All apposing parties were split and weak at the time, she had no strong opposition but her ‘majority’ hardly improved. Tory Boy CaMORON should take note that considering how poor Labour ended up after Blair’s war crimes and Brown disintegrating – Tory Boy still needed a coalition to win!

Wear Red On Wed and Turn the TV off – the media and establishment will feel a mighty blow if we all turn it off…remember the cost and the whole political circus behind it, then register your disgust in a no vote in the next General Election…unless Glenda Jackson has become leader of the Labour Party that is!

Wear Red On Wed those that are in London, peacefully protest and turn your back on the procession in disgust. I hope her sons driving the hearse and does his usual trick and gets lost and Jeremy Clarkson’s following him with a car full of Tory tits!

Wear Red On Wed in remembrance of Hillsborough and the Justice For The 96 Campaign, and The Miners Strike and the people that opposed and protested against The Poll Tax.

Margaret Thatcher – You Oughta’ Burn (the original http://t.co/nXT82QH0Fr the alternative http://t.co/KMkN3Saps8 + the motion picture 🙂http://t.co/Qvwhul1Epk ) …cremated with coal would be oh so fitting!

Gary O’Dea

Proud to be a patriotic long time member of The Enemy Within…

1 thought on “Wear Red On Wednesday 17th April

  1. It’s too good to hear an honest and straightforward attitude towards the witch. The BBC’s coverage has been fawning and biased, and I’m disgusted at Miliband and Clegg’s stooping and scraping to a woman who goes against everything they should stand for.
    I applaud you and the only qualm I have is trying to decide whether to wear a red tie or a red bandanna on my wrist.
    Ding dong the witch is dead.

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